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What Open House Means to Us

We really believe in the power of financial freedom through home investment. Both of us bought our homes as single women looking for a way to invest in ourselves. We want to spread our experience and these opportunities to other women and men in Austin as well. View our reviews and listings!


kristina Modares

When I moved to Austin in 2012, I was shocked that it immediately felt more like home to me than anywhere I’ve ever lived. Moving in with roommates, I quickly realized that being the landlord would be the smartest route to take. But as I started looking into buying a house, I found that no one was properly educating me. The process seemed so outdated and scammy that I decided I wanted to make it better for people like me. I got my real estate license, got more involved in the Austin community and started exclusively working with first time buyers. My love for real estate and investing really took off as I saw the freedom and confidence it gave me in my life. I have purchased 5 properties now and each one has helped fill a need in my life and contributed to what I like to call my own “grad school”. I needed a place to live—so, I bought a primary residence and house hacked. My business grew and I needed an office—so, I purchased a commercial space that also satisfies my love of event planning and community. I love the idea of “scratching your own itch” with investing. How can you go wrong? 

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Stephanie Douglass

I am passionate about lifestyle design and financial freedom through real estate. I truly believe in the power of renovation and acquisition to improve the quality of life for my clients, as it improved mine after my first home purchase. Helping people reach their lifestyle goals through real estate investment, is my passion as I also pursue my personal real estate and investment goals. I own 15 unites in the Austin and San Antonio area, with a goal of 80 units by 2020. As a former elementary school teacher, I believe in the power of education and apply that same guidance to my first time home buyers, so they can safely and confidently navigate the emotional waters of real estate.

To see more about my past and my adventures check out:

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