Austin’s Go-To Realtors For First Time Buyers


We are a female-owned realty team at Realty Austin, the largest independent Brokerage in Austin. We are working to expand the possibilities of home ownership in Austin, TX. We believe that home buying should be inclusive. We work to educate our community through events and personal client relationships to make new home buyer dreams into Austin home realities. By offering our space for community, education, and art events, we hope to expand the possibilities for an inclusive Austin environment by welcoming friends to a truly open house.

First and foremost, we help people buy and sell houses in Austin. Our approach is unique because we focus on home buyer education, community and transparency.


Our Space

Our Eastside space is also a community events space offering free events for arts, music, education, development, and community building to Oak Springs as well as our clients, friends, and artists of Austin. Have a project you want to see come to life and need a place to help that happen?

Our Services

We are passionate about supporting education and opportunities for first time home buyers. We are big believers in making home buying more accessible to singles who might want to purchase with friends, family or start house hacking. The outdated concepts of home buying no longer needs to hold back the potential for Austinites.

Our Experience

As property owners, we have become masters of house hacking, finding roommates, and work arounds to turn our personal investments into immediate money makers instead of liabilities. We’ve learned how to lower our monthly housing costs while building equity. Check out how we do it here.  


Open House Austin was created to build an inclusive community around local business, finances, real estate, and activism. By providing our beautiful, functional space, we hope to support others with their pursuits, while building connections and community around first time home buyers.